Trail Angels

The Trail Angels of Israel

Israel National Trail

Trail angels are good people along the Israel National Trail who open their homes (and hearts!) for hikers on the trail, free of charge. You can stay at private homes, rooms in Kibutzim, or sleep on the lawn in your sleeping bag or tent. Most places offer a shower, use the rest rooms, internet and occasionally will allow you to cook your dinner inside the house.

Before listing the angels, it is important for you as a traveller to follow the common sense rules:
Please contact the trail angel at least 24 hours prior to arrival and not after 21:00.
If you need to cancel your arrival please call the trail angel as soon as possible.
Please pay attantion if your angel is "Shomer Shabat: Some Israelis observe the Shabbat (Saturday) and Jewish Holidays. In such cases you will need to arrive on Friday at least 1 hour before sunset and to stay until after sunset on Saturday.


The Israeli nature preservation organization is keeping an English list of trail angels (PDF File).
Please respect the specific notes regarding each angel (hours to call, special "rules" etc.)
* as this list is not managed by us we cannot guarantee that all info in it is fully up to date, please take this into account.

Trail Angel
Shvilist (Hebrew for "Hiker") is one of the best israeli sites regarding the INT, and keeps an updated list of all the trail's angels specifically per segment of the trail.
in case you have some understanding of Hebrew you should use this site.

Trail Angel
There is a long English list of angels that update on a regular base on Wiki-Trail. In this list the segmentation is a little less visible so you will need to understand the geographical location of each place in order to plan you trip. Nevertheless, this list is quite helpful and currently is the best source in English.